About The3BlackCats Embroidery and Custom Gifts

Hi, my name is Kristin, and I am the owner and designer here at the3BlackCats Embroidery & Custom Gifts. I have always been creative and have loved sewing since I was a little girl. My grandmother and mom taught me how to sew, and I still even have my Grandmother's old sewing tin in a drawer next to my machine.

A few years ago, I was able to expand my skills into the realms of machine embroidery. From the beginning, I loved sitting there and watching designs stitch out, mesmerized by the sound and seeing the designs come to life under my needle. I ended up 'outgrowing' my first embroidery machine (a Brother 4" only hoop), in about an hour, when I found freestanding lace. As soon as possible, I upgraded my machine to a Singer Futura with a 6"x10" hoop, and stitched my heart out.

As I got more comfortable with my machine, I challenged myself to try new techniques and materials, like trapunto, or 'In The Hoop', and faux leather or fleece.

The more I learned about embroidery, the more I wanted to make my own designs. So, I figured that was my next step. I purchased digitizing software, and watched hours of videos on digitizing. When I made another upgrade in my machine, in 2018, I also made an upgrade to my digitizing software. With the new software, came more classes on how to digitize 'properly'. I can't believe how many 'no-no's' I had made in my earlier designs!

With my newfound knowledge, from a digitizer who is in a multi-generational embroidery designing family, I recreated some of my older designs. I continued to produce more designs, both custom logo work, as well as my own designs, that were a much higher, 'professional-quality', than the designs I had produced previously.

I still continue my embroidery design education daily, in order to bring my customers and clients the best quality design stitchouts that I can. In addition to high quality designs, I back all of my custom digitizing with a "it's not done, until you are happy with it" guarantee. I don't even send an invoice, until my clients have approved the final product!